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Catch him if you can……

When we see sprinters on TV it’s hard to comprehend how fast they really are. I mean how much of a difference can 0.5 of a second make in the real world?

Well apparently…..a lot! Check out this video of sprinter turned rugby player Carlin Isles. One of the top 40 sprinters in the USA but with little chance of making it to the Olympics, Isles tried his hand at rugby…. to devastating effect.

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Nike and Adidas up the ante in boot design

We’ve seen some crazy innovations in the world of football boot design. Everything from giving you more control, better balance, making you run faster to helping you to bend it like Beckham! But now the game has well and truly changed with the latest incarnations from Nike and Adidas turning up the heat ahead of the World cup.

Using the latest knit technology these boots literally fit like a sock. The innovative hybrid boot/sock design takes the shape of your foot to maximise ball control and feel and make you feel as though you are playing barefoot.

As Barcelona superstar Andres Iniesta put it “The fit of this boot is so unique that I don’t think about it when I’m wearing it”


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Star Wars tech becomes a reality

This Is one the most exciting bits of tech that we have seen for a very long time and something that has genuinely come straight out of science fiction! The earliest mention of this cool gadget that we can remember is from Star Wars Phanton Menace when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn visit the underwater city on Naboo. In order to get there the two Jedi’s must use the A99 aqua breathers to allow them to breath underwater.

Well now, finally, science has caught up with science fiction With the Triton oxygen mask. Designed by Jeabyun Yeon, this revolutionary scuba mask uses artificial gill model technology and extracts oxygen directly from the water with the use of a special filter. It is controlled by a small but powerful microprocessor that compresses the extracted oxygen and stores it in special micro-tanks. All this is powered by a next generation micro battery that is 30 smaller than a conventional battery and charges 1,000 times faster. Get the full details here


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A play on shin guards

Last week we got a bit bored with doing our usual work, so we decided to have a little play and see what cool creations we could come up with.

Below are three very different takes on our super strong Elite shin guards. Built with the same Aramid (bulled-proof vest material) shell, we have tried 3 totally unique finishes.

We have the traditional wood (one that we have been dying to try out for ages), Snake skin and sand-blasted stealth. The wood is our obvious favourite, which is yours?



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NBA leading the way with google glass

Never shy to embrace new forms of technology and innovate the fan experience, the NBA are at it again, this time with the Google Glass. The Sacramento Kings are taking another decisive step in establishing themselves as the most progressive and innovative sports franchise on the globe!

Earlier this week the team announced that they are to start accepting Bitcoins, the controversial digital currency. To finish the week with a 21st century bang, a selection of their players, cheerleaders, announcers and club mascot will wear Google Glass before and during their game with the Indiana Pacers on 24th January.

Giving fans a taste of what’s to come in the emerging world of fan interaction in professional sport, the first smart use of Google Glass will provide unique views of the game from a number of new perspectives.

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Footy Boot Fashion

Today we are going to look at the latest Adidas Predator LZ SL, the latest incarnation of the boot that pretty much single-handedly started the football boot revolution in the early 1990′s.

We have been massive fans of the Predator Lethal Zones from the start, loving the concept for the design and the technology that has gone into it. After conducting rigorous research with some of the top players in the world, the design team behind the revolutionary new boots identified 5 areas of the boot that are used by players to control, move and strike the ball.

The latest colour scheme of the Predator LZ SL boots has been described as ‘Back to black’ styling with a twist. Like something out of a Skittles advert, the all black boot has been decorated with an explosive splash of bright colours to highlight the lethal zones.

One of many colour schemes currently available, this is definitely our favourite and will ensure you get noticed, whether you’re playing at the Emirates stadium or Hackney Marsh.


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Day 5 – Spacesuit Sportswear

Well today is the fifth and final day of our favourite fitness gadget for 2014. To finish off we decided to bring you something so exclusive it isn’t even out yet.

Radiate athletics claim to be the future of sports apparel, and from what we have seen so far we would have to STRONGLY agree. Utilising NASA technology this pioneering product looks to bring spacesuit technology to the world of sport.

Their innovative range of sports apparel is able to give you a visual representation of the areas and muscles you are targeting while you train, helping you to improve the effectiveness of your workout like never before.

Reacting to the heat given off by your muscles as you train, this revolutionary apparel changes colour to give you real-time visual data of your workout. Currently looking for backing on Kickstarter, we urge you to support this ground breaking product.

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