Shell – Carbon Fibre vs rikoset


There is a common myth that Carbon Fibre is the best material to use for all impact protection in sport, which is why most other shin guard manufacturers decide to use it. For us, the problem with Carbon Fibre is that it disperses the force of impacts by shattering. This works in activities such as motorsports where racing cars have specifically designed crumple zones but it is no good in football where the protection is placed directly against the skin.

It took us five years to develop a state of the art shell that absorbs the force of an impact by spreading it over a larger surface area. Made from Aramid, the material used in bulletproof vests, the construction consists of multiple layers that all work together to stop an impact and disperse its energy. Our hi-tech shell has been engineered to have a greater strength to weight ratio than both Carbon Fibre and steel. This means you get superior protection, with not a splinter insight.







Our patented V-zone technology is an innovation in impact protection. The specially engineered contours drastically improve its ability to absorb high impacts while also significantly increasing the strength and structural of the Aramid shell.

3D Scanning



With all of our Bespoke products we start with the most important part, the athlete. We use state of the art 3D scanners to build a digital model of the body part that needs to be protected. We use this information to ensure that our bespoke products follow the exact shape and contours of the person we are protecting. Once produced, our highly engineered products feel like an exoskeleton, protecting against impacts and injury, but moving perfectly in tune with the body’s natural motion.


Luxurious Suede

All Rikoset shin pads feature the trademark red micro-suede backing. Luxurious to the touch, this highly engineered fabric was chosen for its breathable and anti-bacterial properties. The clever micro-suede keeps moisture away from the skin while also preventing the build up of bad odours.



Keeping your shin pads in place often proves to be an issue, even for the Premier League footballers. Velcro straps and taping cause a range of problems from hindering flexibility and movement, to bringing on muscle cramp due to the restriction of blood flow in the calf. Rikoset have overcome this problem by providing a spandex shin guard sleeves as standard so they stay and protect your shins from kick off to the final whistle.

For those looking for the next level solution, we have teamed up with Sigvaris Sports to bring you the world’s first bespoke compression sleeve and shin guard pouch. Originally Sigvaris developed the award winning compression sock for the Ironman Triathlon. It is the only compression sock on the market that has been medically proven to improve athlete performance by increasing blood flow, reducing muscle fatigue and the risk of cramps. The finished product is the world’s first graduated medical compression shin guard sleeve.