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Our Story

British company Rikoset launched back in 2009 after several meetings with some of the top Premier League players and club physiotherapists. We were on a mission to redefine protective gear and offer players something they had never seen, or felt before. We took their valuable feedback and began to design a range of state of the art shin guards that would offer unrivalled protection and comfort to all players who wore them, elite or amateur.

First we focused on the materials. We sourced the finest collection of protective materials from around the world, with no compromise on cost. Then we relentlessly pushed them to their limits to find the strongest, most lightweight and durable combination.  Finally we fused the materials together by hand using the world’s latest hi-tech innovations in biomechanics and product design technology.

The last two years has seen Premier League players taking full advantage of the superior protection and comfort our products provide. Now, for the first time, our range is available to footballers of all levels.