Protecting Existing Injuries

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At Rikoset we specialise in elite sports body protection. With our extensive knowledge and expertise in impact protection and ergonomics, we are able to create innovative protective products and body armour for any part of the anatomy.

From our experience of working in professional sport, we have found that physiotherapists and doctors have great difficulty in protecting existing injuries and wounds when players are returning to contact training and reserve/first team action. Now we have the solution.

Our super-strong rikoset shell can be moulded to almost any part of the body. For applications where solid shell protection is ineffective or too restrictive, we are also able to offer a range of flexible protection solutions. In addition to utilising a number of non-Newtonian materials, we have also developed an innovative process that allows us to flexibly mould Carbon Fibre and Aramid. This offers high levels of protection to parts of the body that have previously been left exposed.

3D Technology


Using our state of the art 3D technology we are able to tailor fit our products to the exact ergonomic and physiological requirement of each patient, maximising protection and comfort. If required, we can call in 3rd party medical experts from our professional network to advise on the design and ergonomic factors to ensure our products offer the maximum level of protection.

When we develop our products we focus on the two most important factors, the athlete and the medical team. Our aim is to create something that provides all of the protection the medical team needs, in a product the athlete/patient loves to wear.