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Bespoke Shin Guard

Simply put, this is the most technologically advanced shin guard ever conceived. The result of over four years of development, Rikoset collaborated with a number of Premier League footballers and medical teams to produce the first shin guard that has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the toughest professional football league.

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Bespoke Engineering

The focal point of this product is the athlete. Every aspect of this shin guard is tailored to meet your exact specification, from the size, shape and design of the shin guard, to the thickness of the padding and backing material. There is also full customisation available, from names and club badges to full colour photographs and images.

The two-step fitting process ensures that you have complete control. Midway through manufacturing you are able to try on an unfinished prototype of your shin guard, to test the fit and specify exactly where you want it cut and trimmed.

This level of service is not available anywhere else and the quality of the product is supreme to anything seen before.

3D Technology


With our bespoke shin guard, precision fit and comfort are paramount. This product is ideal for players recovering from a severe lower leg trauma who have difficulty finding a shin guard that fits comfortably and gives them the confidence to compete at the top level.

A state of the art 3D scanner is used to build a digital model of your legs. This information is then used to create bespoke patterns to hand mould your shin guards to follow the exact shape and contours of your legs. Once complete, this highly engineered armour feels like an exoskeleton, protecting against impacts and injury, moving perfectly in tune with your body’s natural motion.